Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cats - Memory and Intelligence

I love this song. Memory by Cats. I'm learning this from Richard Clayderman's song book. I'll probably will apply this pianist's techniques too.

Talking about cats, I have to say that my Minty is so intelligent. And cats surely have very good memory too.

Eversince Minty miraculously got home, he's been behaving differently, and we only noticed it after a few days. No, he's not acting wild, despite being 6 days away from home. In fact, he's even more affectionate. You call him from one end, and he'll come running from the other end to greet you. Wet Minty after a bath.

Lately he's been spraying around the house! Initially I thought it was Oreo. Poor Oreo. When Minty got home, he still tried to pick a fight, so back in the 4 storey apartmnet he go. Then, even after Oreo is confined, we smell it at various parts of the house, indoor and outdoor. Oh dear, it is Minty's doing. And the maid remarked that he did it here, he did it there. After thinking long and hard, I decided that Minty has to be a strictly outdoor cat. Breaks my heart, but it had to be done.

I did some googling why this change of behaviour, and possible causes and the most obvious one is territorial instinct. But he never did it before. My thought is, most probably on his 6 days 'adventure' he's met with other cats from other homes, and learn from there...hahaha. No, maybe other cats are doing that to deter him from coming near their grounds.

Another possible reason is Honey. A new addition that he feels threatened to. At first they seemed to get along fine, smelling each other, only once in a while Honey will hissed back at him. He insisted on eating Honey's special kitten meal. At one point, he even tried to climb over her, but luckily I saw and screamed at that.

So now we train Minty to stay outdoor. He did try to enter, but for the time being, until he learns, all door will be kept closed. Poor Minty...

However he is a very smart cat. Number one, he managed to get home from nowhere after 6 days! This neighbourhood is new to him, less than 2 months. Being an indoor/outdoor cat must have helped his instinct.

Number two, while he knows doors are closed to him, he'll try his best to come in. He was sucessful a few times only to be led outside again. And the other day when I was gardening, he came and rub himself around me (probably to leave his scent all over me, I am his property..haha) when he heard my maid open the back door, and her ran quickly towards that door trying to get in. We were from the other side of the house, and he can hear that.

Number three, I think now he's finally got it. He understands now that he has to stay outdoor. Maybe not 100% percent yet, but unlike before, he no longer wait for the door to be opened for him to jump in. He will stay put and watch our face or expression whether we'll let him in.

Poor Minty. My heart goes out to him. Its not his fault that he feels the need to spray his territory everywhere, cats being cats. But I think he's adjusted to this new arrangement wonderfully. I love you, Minty. And Honey, and Oreo.


cakapaje said...

Salam ydiana,

Hehe, I did mention before about male cats' thingy. But its OK, as Minty will protect you any possible harm and malicious looking creatures. Perhaps one morning, you may find your 'breakfast' at the front door.

Btw, don't think the you tube is working.

Ydiana said...

Hello Shah

Salam. Actually I am aware of the sparying thing a long time ago, as I did read alot about cats, except none of the cats that I have before this has done that, somehow. This is the first time. Must be 'outside' influence, hahaha..

I will try to embed again, but I have no problem viewing it. Could be yor your connection?