Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Musical Miracle

I just want to share something I feel so incredible and amazing. This young player from Korea is only 5 years old, and she is blind. This girl never have any musical training and started producing music from the piano at age 3. I can't help but cry just listening to her play.

Maybe this is what play by ear is all about. Listen to your heart and soul, and transfer it to the keys.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

(Not So) New Year Resolution

I did it again! Its been a while since I post my last entry. I got distracted by my (not so) new facebook account! I didnt want to start an account, initially, but my e-mails keeps receiving invitations from friends, so, oh, what the heck! And next thing I knew, I got excited. Who can blame me? I managed to get reconnected even to one of my primary school friends!

However, I still continue with my piano practice, or rather, piano playing, because I didnt really practise to improve, but more of playing for my own pleasure.

Most of the songs I played are the same collection of about 20-30 favorite songs. Not that I don't want to play a new set, but I hardly watch TVs or listen to radios nowadays, so I am a bit behind in the latest songs. Morever the little songs that I did hear on the radio flyfm now is not suitable, I feel, for a piano solo, and of course I am not that pro yet to play all those fast beats.

As I have mentioned earlier, I yearned to be able to play differently from my current style. If I may describe my own piece now, it sounds a bit 'lonely'. While I listen to various pianist on youtube, I find this particular talented individual called incikkazak who really can play beautifully. In particular, since I also play this song, I like this piece, and maybe will try to play some of his styles, but my way. Now this is what I mean by a more expressive, dramatic and melodious music on piano. Have a listen! :)

My 'lonely' version of the same song is in the last 2 posting, or just click on the title of the song, Jeritan Batinku.

Oh, by the way, my family and I went for an outing this morning and after breakfast, we were offered to do caricatures of ourselves. The result, haha, only about 70% resemblance! Haha!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An Article?

I received a commnet once not too long ago, that I shoud try to write articles about piano playing more. Sounds good. In fact, to an extent, I believe that I have shared some tips about playing piano by ear in my earlier entries. But if I were to write something official about this method, I'm afraid that I do not have enough experience nor expertise to teach on this subject matter. However, no one can deny the fact that I can share the little knowledge that I have, some tips that can make a play more interesting, even if yours truly have not even mastered it yet, some views and opinions and anything related. That's how I come about starting this blog thing.

I have related earlier how I became interested in piano playing as a child, and later in life when I finally had the opportunity to learn to play. Thus, I was looking for a short cut to learn fast. Playing by ear helped me to learn fast, but I can surely say it is not a short-cut. There are techniques to learn and tips to practise in order to be good. It still require disciplines and a great desire to learn. Simple yet perplexing, to an extent.

So, who will actually benefit rom this technique? Everyone! Or rather, anyone who loves to play piano. Be it a total beginner, or even an 8th grader pianist. This method can be an advantage to beginners since it provided a fast learning technique, and as an enrichment to those who already plays beautifully.

As someone whom I can safely say, plays piano fairly well, 'so-so', where one can guess what song she's playing, but not quite sure if its in the right tempo, accompaniments or even chords, and not without the wrong stroke of keys or a beat too fast, I seldom perform to a live audience. Maybe once or twice. Or rather, twice or thrice...haha!

But last weekend, a friend managed to persuade me to play a song before they leave. "A pianist should never turn down a request to perform" she said, or something along that line.

So on the bench I sat, my finger started to glide around the keys to my 'safest' song, 'Love Story'. And as usual, haha...my normal imperfect song.

What can I say? Although my friends applauded and encouraged, I know that somehow, some way, I have to start to learn how to improve. Nope, not another piano class for me, at the moment. Thatn is not my priority. The answer is practise, practise, practise. The challenge is, I am doing it mentally, in my mind, and my heart...lol. In between my blogging, my surfing, fish feeding, cooking, gardening, cats, etc etc etc

And the search for the right move goes on...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

P Ramlee Serenade

Its been a while since I last updated my blogs. I didn't realise it until a 'Friend' pointed it out that I have not been 'around' in my Great Minds Think Alike blog. Well, Friend, (whatever your name is), I'm back, at least for this entry.

And for some sentimental reason, I am enclosing here another one of my humble play from the late Tan Sri P.Ramlee, whom ironicaly got his Tan Sri title only after his demise, and not before. Here Jeritan Batin Ku and part of Jangan Tinggal Daku.

As I started on the first key, and throughout the play, my mind wanders through several things that happens in my life. (Edited: A phrase taken out due to personal reasons) I do feel some heavy feelings which I cannot explain why, even to myself.

Ooohh...enough of that! "I am a happy person, and I am grateful with my life!" Alhamdulillah...!

Back to my piano play, I strongly feel that I need to change and improve my style further. Somehow the transfer of feelings was lacking. Maybe I need to play in Emajor instead of A minor. And don't mention the techniques! And rhythms....and tempo...lol! And I dream to play like one of those hotel pianist...with all the strong strums and sweet fill-ins, with suave and precision!

Somehow, my biggest challenge is myself. Passion, oh I am passionate about playing, and motivation?...I am motivated! Haha...complicated person, I am. Well, just don't bother about me. I'll get on with my life....and you with yours! Lets wish other the best!! :)