Sunday, January 24, 2010

(Not So) New Year Resolution

I did it again! Its been a while since I post my last entry. I got distracted by my (not so) new facebook account! I didnt want to start an account, initially, but my e-mails keeps receiving invitations from friends, so, oh, what the heck! And next thing I knew, I got excited. Who can blame me? I managed to get reconnected even to one of my primary school friends!

However, I still continue with my piano practice, or rather, piano playing, because I didnt really practise to improve, but more of playing for my own pleasure.

Most of the songs I played are the same collection of about 20-30 favorite songs. Not that I don't want to play a new set, but I hardly watch TVs or listen to radios nowadays, so I am a bit behind in the latest songs. Morever the little songs that I did hear on the radio flyfm now is not suitable, I feel, for a piano solo, and of course I am not that pro yet to play all those fast beats.

As I have mentioned earlier, I yearned to be able to play differently from my current style. If I may describe my own piece now, it sounds a bit 'lonely'. While I listen to various pianist on youtube, I find this particular talented individual called incikkazak who really can play beautifully. In particular, since I also play this song, I like this piece, and maybe will try to play some of his styles, but my way. Now this is what I mean by a more expressive, dramatic and melodious music on piano. Have a listen! :)

My 'lonely' version of the same song is in the last 2 posting, or just click on the title of the song, Jeritan Batinku.

Oh, by the way, my family and I went for an outing this morning and after breakfast, we were offered to do caricatures of ourselves. The result, haha, only about 70% resemblance! Haha!