Tuesday, July 1, 2008

First Performance from an Amateur Pianist

I have finally learned how to upload...but it took more than 6 hours to put it directly in my blog. So to cover-up a futile attempt, I have no choice but to 'youtube' it, a process which I never dreamed of doing. Some of my frineds suggested that before, but I always shrugged off the idea.

But today, due to my frustration, I closed one eye and 'youtube' it. It is by no means perfect, in fact, please excuse the mistakes and the wrong strokes of keys.

Oh my gosh..where am I gonna hide my face..but, wait a minute. I did not show my face! So, however bad is my play, nobody can laugh in my face!! Yaaay!

So, here goes..... (am covering my face with my hands now)

Love story, one of the first few songs that I apply and practise on 'play by ear'. Find the melody, then the chords. After listening to Clayderman's style, I applied to some parts, but not all...too advanced. I will master it one day.


minahkaypoh said...


i watched ur video over and over again

like a pro ;)

snow plays well too


i don't play2 one

short fingers larr

can't reached the black thing

i listen2 only


cakapaje said...

Salam ydiana,

Hmm...nice! If you were good, you are getting better.

The connection has been bad these couple of days and I am yet able to watch to the end. However, permit me to comment one thing "Do learn to curl you fingers, especially the tiny 'jari anak'. Perhaps, you would find it easier later.

jaflam said...

Hai Ydiana,
Well you did it and the next posting will be easy.

Good old love story is fine but we will wait for next beautiful song from you. The dancing fingers seemed a bit nervous.... first recording kan !!!

Ydiana said...

Hi Minah

Thanks for dropping by. You are so kind. Well, I play for a hobby, so tak practise sangat and it shows, right. I read somewhere listeners of soothing musics brings harmony to life. Take care.

Ydiana said...

Hey Shah

Salam. Exactly what my teacher used to say. Soften those fingers, imagine you're holding a ball in your palms. I can't, because if I did, I cannot play, afraid the ball would fall off. Hahaha...

But I will take note of that and try to improve further. Thanks!

Ydiana said...

Hi Dato'

Yes, my first ever recording. When I took up the 6 months course, my only intention is to play my favourite songs. This 'posting' was never part of the objective...hahaha

If....there will be another posting, maybe a P.Ramlee number. Any request? Getaran jiwa, Jangan tinggal daku, Tunggu sekejap..hehe or some Broery's or Kris Dayanti's.

cakapaje said...


How about 'Cavatina'? :)

Ydiana said...

Hi Shah

Aiyoo...that one a bit tough la..
Maybe next year..hahaha.

Seriously, I've tried. Right hand getting there except I haven't memorised the tune yet. Left hand, still trial and error. I may get a song book that have that song.

Insya'allah bila dah boleh main at 'acceptable' level, you'll hear that song. But before that, kesian lah kat orang baru ni... bagilah yang senang sikit. ;)

cakapaje said...


OK, how about trying 'Could It Be Magic?" by Barry Mannilow.

Ydiana said...

Wow, I've never heard this number before, or maybe not familiar, but after listening at Youtube, I think 'can do' la.. But give me at a week to try and practise... :)