Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Story...

I am supposed to write about my trip to a beautiful scenic location, and probably upload some pictures and some of the songs that I listened to along the way. But my heart is somewhere else right now.

Last night I went to a wedding. It was drizzling on the highway. Suddenly right before my eyes, I saw a small lorry about to hit the divider from the opposite direction. I was too shocked to scream, and in seconds, some splattered glass hit my windscreen. The small lorry crashed into the divider right by me as I passed through in the opposite lane. I cannot imagine what will happen if the divider was not there... I am so grateful and thank God to still be here writing on my beloved laptop.

At the wedding, I smiled at everyone. I greet them, as I should. Little did they know that I was crying inside. No, not because of the accident, (nor was the groom my ex-boyfriend..hahaha..) I can still laugh?

My heart was still lingering on yesterday afternoon. After coming back from my trip, Minty was especially 'manja'. I guessed he did missed me. Its also time for his bath. Normally he gets an in-house bath treatment, but this time I decided to do a 'spring-clean' on him since he is now an indoor/outdoor cat. So off to the vet we went. Its a first time to this vet, coz we had just moved into this neighbourhood. After reminding Minty to 'be good' I went off for some other plans.

As I was still around with my chores, the vet called and said that my cat escaped. Am I hearing it right? I demanded that they find Minty. To my dismay, they can't find him anywhere. When I got there, I went round the back alleys of the whole blocks, but Minty was nowhere to be seen. What am I to say? How can they let this happen? This is unheard of!

They want to compensate me with a new cat. That's not the question. Minty has been with me for three years and has been such a darling part of the family. Minty is such a gentle and loving cat.

So at the wedding, I see happy faces, I see delightful smiles and I hear heartfelt laughter. Sometimes I joined in, at other times I looked away. I can't be telling the world that I lost a cat at a joyful event, can't I? Because if I did, I might just risk shedding tears and spoil my make-up (hahaha...again).

And it was raining last night, as if enjoining my sorrow. I don't know if Minty has a shelter or food. I hope someone would feed him or he can find food somewhere. I pray that he is safe, wherever he is, and with miracle, find his way home, 2.5km away...


cakapaje said...

Salam ydiana,

Oh...shoot! My Minty? Poor you, and poor Minty. Anything I can do?

Cuba you try selawat dan solat hajat.

Ydiana said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Shah

Yes, Minty is out there somewhere. I really hope he's okay. You can help pray for his safety and return home. I'd really appreciate that.

This morning the Vet called and will replace a female round face 3 months old blue persian cat. I'm quite excited as I always loved kittens but I still want Minty. He's so comfortable and safe at home. Sigh... I pray for his coming home after every solat.

Anonymous said...

I hope he will be home soon!! Thanks for sharing this!!