Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hero for Sis Dalilah

'Hero' by Mariah Carey. I've been trying to practise this song. I can't seem to get the chord right for the part after the chorus. There is a term for it, but I really don't know what it is called. The lyric starts with.....'Lord knows...dreams are hard to follow.. My guess is its played and sung in a different key than the rest of the song, and maybe a note higher. The rest of the songs sounds just right in E.

Guess what I decided to do after several 'yet to be successful' attempts?

Hide and seek?

I want that too...!

Ready to pounce!

This song is to be dedicated to my new friend, Sis Dalilah. She is undergoing chemo treatments for a recurring breast cancer. Since I'm still struggling at it, let's just hear from the original singer instead.

Sis, I know you are a strong lady with a brave heart the minute I set eyes on you. It feels magical to meet you, versus meeting in cyber world.You are an inspiration to many. You'll be alright, and our prayers are always with you for a great recovery, insyaAllah.
And dont forget to take that lemongrass drink, possibly 8 times a day!

Monday, July 21, 2008

And I Love You So

I like this song, I've heard it before quite often, but only last week I learned about Perry Como from Shah Cakapaje. It is quite a popular and evergreen song, I believe. So, here's my attempt at this song.

However, if I were a piano critic, here would be the comments:

1. Reduce mistakes

2. Too simple

3. Right hand should use more chord playing

4. Need finer fill ins

5. Improve on beats

6. Innacurate keys

7. Need better accompaniments

8. Smoothen the whole flow

9. etc

10. etc (You are free to add more, but please be kind...and honest...hahaha...!)

Well, if you can accept what's listed above, then only you should click on play. Otherwise, please ....enter at your own risk. ;)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ballade Pour Adeline Music Sheet

While going through my traffic counter, I saw that my blog is being googled numerously to find how to play Ballade Pour Adeline. Of course I know they can only find a play by Richard Clayderman.

So, for those who still need the notes, here is it! Have fun!

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Friday, July 11, 2008

I Survived My Second Performance

I slept, I eat, I breathe, I sweat...Magic. I even dreamt about it one night. A song I was not familiar with. And, finally its ready, but still, not without wrong stroke of keys or embarassing mistakes. (You can imagine me wincing, everytime it happens)And a very much simplified version. Oh well... Next song request will be from a list of my 'known' songs, if not give me 365 days to master...hahaha!

Have a listen... but if you want to hear the real thing, you can find Barry Manilow 'live' posted in my earlier entry, Could it Be Magic.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bye Bye

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock...

Especially for people of my past....

Friday, July 4, 2008

Could It Be Magic - Need To Practise Now

I have a request from a friend, Shah Cakapaje to play this very nice song by Barry Manilow, 'Could it be Magic'. Sounds magical indeed. Actually I am not too familiar with this number, but I believe I've heard it before.

So with the wonderful current technology, I googled youtube and will try to learn from some of those pro pianist, and even from Barry Manilow himself. In this video, Manilow must've been very young! First time I see his 'youngish' look! Hahaha...

He also mentioned that he used Chopin's Predule in C Minor for intro of this song. There's an Alex playing in the next video.

So, depending on how fast I learn up, will determine whether the Chopin's Prelude will be in my play or not, about a week from now. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock .... gotta practise now! Cheers!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

First Performance from an Amateur Pianist

I have finally learned how to upload...but it took more than 6 hours to put it directly in my blog. So to cover-up a futile attempt, I have no choice but to 'youtube' it, a process which I never dreamed of doing. Some of my frineds suggested that before, but I always shrugged off the idea.

But today, due to my frustration, I closed one eye and 'youtube' it. It is by no means perfect, in fact, please excuse the mistakes and the wrong strokes of keys.

Oh my gosh..where am I gonna hide my face..but, wait a minute. I did not show my face! So, however bad is my play, nobody can laugh in my face!! Yaaay!

So, here goes..... (am covering my face with my hands now)

Love story, one of the first few songs that I apply and practise on 'play by ear'. Find the melody, then the chords. After listening to Clayderman's style, I applied to some parts, but not all...too advanced. I will master it one day.