Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bila Waktu Telah Berakhir

In this wonderful of internet, you are connected to the world, far and wide. Near or far! I am quite amused when I recently received a message in my youtube inbox for a song request entitled 'Boleh Tolong Saya?'. Then she mentined a song I've never heard before, entitled above by Opick. Upon checking the song, not bad! Infact it is a very good reminder song of our hereafter.

For musteelme, please give me sometime to memorize the melody and find the chord, ok. Then I need time to find the right accompaniment and to practise. He he, rasa macam selebriti je, dapat song request....haha! Perasan..dan syok sendiri ;p Lol!

Bila Waktu Telah Berakhir lyrics
by Opick
Bagaimana kau merasa bangga
Akan dunia yg sementara
Bagaimanakah bila semua hilang
Dan pergi meninggalkan dirimu

Bagaimanakah bila saatnya
Waktu terhenti tak kau sadari
Masihkah ada jalan bagimu
Untuk kembali mengulangkan masa lalu

Dunia dipenuhi dengan hiasan
Semua dan segala yang ada akan kembali padaNya

Bila waktu tlah memanggil,
Teman sejati hanyalah amal
Bila waktu telah terhenti
Teman sejati tingallah sepi

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Paint Me In Love...

Song writing has been one of my life long interest. Somehow, until today I have not properly write any significant song. Well ok, I've written a song or two, quite a number with the melodies. In fact, in my last entry was a song I wrote impromptu after staring at the blogger page and couldn't come up with the topic I wanted to write. Instead, I produced a song lyric. haha... The tune is still in my head.

Previously, I could solely blame it on my music illiteracy, but now that I can play a decent tune on a piano, my excuse is I am too lazy to write the notes on a music sheet. So, its really is my fault. Maybe the desire is not stong enough.I will definitely write a proper song complete with lyrics and melodies plus music sheet one day. Except that I cannot tell how far is that one day gonna take...haha!

I envy my online friend Dave Zeman who's written very nice songs, and I'd like to share one of his workings here today.You can hear Dave sing, if you e-mail to me at, until I learn how to upload the link he gave me to blogger. Its a very beautiful song, but if you say he got beautiful voice, he knows that you're lying...hahaha! But to me, not a bad voice except needs a little more practice. However the song and lyrics is certainly nice. He dedicated this song to his lovely wife, entitled, Paint Me in Love. Hmm....when is my hearthrob going to write me a song....? Lol!

Paint Me In Love

If I could draw
a face dear and warm
With eyes of passion
Smooth lines would form

Paint me in love,
As soft as a dove
Sketch out a dream,
Someone barely seen

Lead me to draw,
The beauty that I saw
Paint me in love,
with light from above

If I could draw
The fine lines of age
There’d be folds of love,
And beauty on a page

Paint me in love,
As soft as a dove
Sketch out a dream
Someone barely seen

Lead me to draw
The beauty that I saw
Paint me in love,
with light from above

If I could draw
Sensual curves of shade
Pleading deep dark eyes
and dimples concave

by Dave Schipper © Rose Riversongs 2005

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sailing Away

And he sails away......

I knew the day would come
Can feel the wind is coming
I knew that change will take its course

Somehow I won't admit it
So hard I tried to ignore it
Thinking it will just go away

I knew the day would come
The sadness in your eyes
Is telling words you didn't say
Still you were forced to do it
You were the one deciding
I know you wanted to stay

I knew the time is up
Wish it can stay forever
Didnt know it come too soon this way

So here I stand my grounds
Carry on with what I started
My heart will always be around

Whle he sails away......

Friday, February 13, 2009

How to Find the Keys

When I was still struggling to play with just one hand, while the other hand impatiently wish it knew which key to hit, I wish I had stumbled across a Youtube like this. Germaine Griggs sent me this link in the e-mail this morning. I'll let him know that I am sharing this lesson with all my cyber friends!

Of course, there are several ways to find the keys. What I currently star with, is the first verse of the songs.

Another way is, when you play the melody, observe what keys are hit the most. That tells you what are the chord to play.