Friday, June 13, 2008

Honeybun Is Here!!

I have double joy between today and yesterday. Maybe more, but these 2 are top of the list, so far.

The vet called yesterday. They finally got a replacement kitten for me. Actually I was the one who instructed them to get this kitten of my choice from a trusted breeder. Since Minty escaped, they offered a replacement for me. I know I cannot take another male, or risk having Oreo chewing it to pieces. He's really protecting his territory now. I should have the videocam ready the next time he chased stray cats out of our compound.

So I got this sweet little bi-color red(as the Cat book term it) furball, actually orange in colour and white, 2 1/2 months old. She's a flat face persian type .... doesn't sound so flattering, but this one is really sweet and cute. And she's named 'Honeybun'.

Honey adapted well to her new home. She's so adorable and playful. Should see how she chased after feet(s) and brakes and slides on the slippery floor. So comical! And in-between playtime, she napped a few times. Once we had to keep her in her 'house' in the kitchen. She meowed so loud in protest, but seconds later, she was dozing off. Just like a real baby, crying before going to sleep. So that's supposed to be a happy ending.

However, the real joy came in this morning. Minty's home!! By true miracle, Minty found his way back 2.5km away seperated by fields, a river and a few housing areas, not to mention busy streets, in 6 days! Cats instincts is so strong, you never know how strong it can be. Until now, I really can't believe that he's really home like nothing had happened. He's still the same Minty whos's so sweet and obedient, comes to you when called and rolls on his back ready to be massaged. And boy..was he hungry. Keeps going back to his dish several times after minutes.

Now... what do I tell the vet. They had just forked out Rm1000 for Honeybun. Any advise, please? Whatever it is, I am keeping Honey.

I take this opportunity to thank all the well-wishers for Minty's return, namely Shah Cakapaje, Shirzad Lifeboat, Mr U.Lee, Jaflam, Amy, and everyone else who prayed for his safe return, and I believe that your positive belief led him back home. Thank you so much...!


jaflam said...

Hai Ydiana,
Happy for you and Minty. Your luv and thoughts must have driven him back to you.

Well for Honey you have to tell the truth to the Vet, he may consider it as the repayments for your tormenting 6 days without Minty heheeee.

Ydiana said...

Thanks Dato'

This might be a coincident, but I do practise positive thinking. I imagined Minty's return, but didn't expect it so soon. Its so miraculous how he managed to find his way. Very intelligent cat.

Yes, I will definitely tell the vet...maybe, next year. Hahaha..

Nice new photo, like A Ramlee + Ahamd Jais. Must have a trail of broken hearts then, hehehe

U.Lee said...

Hi Ydiana, there you are! I said your cat Minti might return to you. Cats never get lost.
Wow, good for you. Bet you really spoiling her now.
Have a nice weekend, Lee.

Ydiana said...

Thanks Lee, for instilling the belief that he might return, and in turn, I began to believe it too.
Yes, he's very spoilt right now. A bit suspicious of Honey for a short while, but after 'smelling' her, they seem ok. Not the best friend just yet, but acceptance is there.