Monday, April 27, 2009

One Step Closer....

A step closer
To my dreams
I did it today

Another step closer
My song writing
My lifelong passion

Move me a step closer
A lyrics 2 years old
And a 20 minutes young

Why is it a step closer?
I finally print it out
And pass it off

Is it really a step closer?
God knows..!
But I am happier!

I did it! Finally I plucked my courage and print out 2 of my song lyrics, in BM to a composer. It hasn't reach him yet, as of now, on the way. But I asked his mom, is it good? She said, Very good, I almost cried! Wow...! Actually I wanted to cry when I proof-read it for the last time before the printing. Its a song that truly described me.

The other one, the 20 minutes old song, is about a never ending relationship. Just one of those moods that has nothing to do with me now, but I figured that's how one feels in anticipation.

One more step one of my dreams!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

He is Sooooo Sweet!

Apart from his piano talent......

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

No Promises Undone

Seems like only yesterday
Your brightest smile
Your friendly touch

It wasnt too long before
The loving glances
The meaningful exchanges

And it wasn't too far away
From long lasting friendship
From a wonderful journey...together

But there's no promises undone
No promises were sealed
No promises were made

But then, tell me why
This feeling lingers on
Like this sudden emptiness
Like a song without a key
Like a rhyme without its words....

Still, there's no promises undone....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Menghitung Hari Music Notes

As I was rummaging through some old notes that I have, trying to recall the songs that I practised on, I found this piece of music notes. Then it occurred to me, when I played this song earlier, someone once had requested for this song note. Shaz, I think. I had to dissapoint him because I didn't know I have this notes. My music teacher must have given it to me when she taught me this song, but I chucked it away and play my own style, and totally forgot that I have it.

I also noticed that I have been googled numerously from this song, which indicates that this song is serached by many. So, in my giving away mood....haha.... I am publicising this notes for the benefits of all. Hope it touches some of you!

So what I did just now, I tried playing this song using the notes above. It sounded beautiful! But of course, as it was arranged by my music teacher, Stephanie. Now, why didn't I just play this way all these while? Maybe its easier for me to play my own styles as I don't have to read the notes.

Now, I wonder, if I should give Stephanie a call and continue to Level 3?