Saturday, September 22, 2007

Challenging Chords?! Not!

The chords is the most interesting discovery for me. As beginners, we need to know the basic chords of C, F and G to be able to play simple happy songs. So in this lesson, I will specifically concentrate on this 3 major chords, and later, I'll try to find a way to insert a simple sheet music that you can try.

Ready?! Here goes, and remember this;
C - C E G
F - F A C
G - G B D
Got it? For chord C major, press key C, E and G simultaniously to create a C block chord. Same goes for F and G as above.

From the block chords, you can always play it differently according to your moods or the mood of the song you're playing.

Try this, instead of pressing all 3 keys at the same time, play C E G E one at a time. Try it! Its fun! Do the same with F and G.
C - C E G E
F - F A C A
G - G B D B

Practice this! And, did I mention that this chords are mainly played on your left hand? You can play on right hand too, but normally right hand is playing the melody. I'll come back with a simple sheet music so that you can play on both hands with melody and chords at the same time K.

Till next lesson, have a cheery day(s)!