Friday, June 26, 2009

Tribute to a Legend

Even Now

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Piano Practice

Just an excerpt of a sales e-mail I read today in my inbox. A good reminder for me so I am saving it here. :)

Here's a handy little checklist you can use foryour piano practice:
1. Find time to practice.
2. Practice the same scales.
3. Learn a new piano piece.
4. Get stuck on specific measures and could notmove on.
5. Practice on same piece and try to make itfluent.
6. Figure out correct fingering.
7. Make an effort to count rhythm correctly.
8. etc etc
9. Call it a day, go to bed, start againtomorrow.

If you're like 80% of piano players today, that's what your day is like. Stuck. Frozen. Unable to move forward with your piano playing.If you don't change your practice routine TODAY,you're going to kill your passionslowly (and drive yourself crazy), by doing thesame thing everyone else does.

=====What Was Wrong With This?=====

Music making is not just about practicing. It isabout understanding how music is put together. Doyou know why it is important to understandscales? What about chords, inversions... modulation... etc.

Most of your "practice" time is spent on the same old routine. By the time you're done, you have almost no energy or braincells left. Not to mention the whole practice routine is unintereting and boring.You need to understand how things are puttogether. Why is it important to understand different musical skills and how they are going to affect your piano playing.

Am I ordering? Not just yet! I am still passionate, I will never find it boring nor routine. I am enjoying my new found skill, still exploring my capabilities and find it a challenge to better myself and improve further.

Thanks anyway!!