Monday, July 21, 2008

And I Love You So

I like this song, I've heard it before quite often, but only last week I learned about Perry Como from Shah Cakapaje. It is quite a popular and evergreen song, I believe. So, here's my attempt at this song.

However, if I were a piano critic, here would be the comments:

1. Reduce mistakes

2. Too simple

3. Right hand should use more chord playing

4. Need finer fill ins

5. Improve on beats

6. Innacurate keys

7. Need better accompaniments

8. Smoothen the whole flow

9. etc

10. etc (You are free to add more, but please be kind...and honest...hahaha...!)

Well, if you can accept what's listed above, then only you should click on play. Otherwise, please ....enter at your own risk. ;)


cakapaje said...

Salam ydiana,

Way to go babe! Love your, fingers. Shoot! I mean, your playing. Honestly! Forget about the mistakes, its the sporting spirit to take the piano by the keys that counts.

As for the filler ins, not all songs need such. This, is one where the melody carry by itself. And you did just great! :)

Ydiana said...

Hey Shah

Salam. Thanks! Can always count on you if I need some motivation! :)

You know, while its quite easy to pick up this song by ear, the challenge is consistency, as you don't actually read the notes. Comes from the heart. Thus it will change, maybe slightly, from one play to another, of the same song. It is encouraged that you actually write down the notes after you found the keys, but I'm too lazy at that. patience.