Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Have Another New Passion(s)

Lately I am guilty of not practising enough. Why?

1. I think I am spending a little bit more time blogging. I made some new nice friends online, writing comments and feedback and update my blogs.

2. Since my garden is ready with the grass, now I am motivated to plant some trees. I always dreamed of having a 'herbal garden' where I will plant all my cooking needs like lemongrass, tumeric, curry leaves, lime, chillies etc. etc. Whenever I need to use them, I don't need to dig my refrigerator to find a skinny twig of almost dried lemograss from last week, or ran out of chillies and need to drive to supermarket just to buy that. The only thing I can't plant now is rice coz my backyard is not big enough for a padi field that can last me a week's supply.

3. My cats, Oreo and Minty, are starting to demand for more attention, now that I am converting them from a confined cats to totally free house cats. My story and pictures on them in my Great Minds blog.

But, all the same, I still love piano playing. It still give me much pleasure that I treasure, even though I'm not 'that good' yet. Need to practise on new sets of nostalgic songs like Eternal Flame, St Elmo Fires, Cavatina Deer Hunter and maybe..... Chopin's Nocturne in C Sharp minor.


cakapaje said...

Salam ydiana,

I read somewhere: In order to attain his shots, Woods practice 1,000 swings everyday, even after a round in a tournament.

1,000 swings is equivalent to 3-4 hours on the range. Because of that concentration he puts in, I believe he has little time for other things.

In OUR case, perhaps an hour of scales, followed by another on song practice is highly recommended.

Oh, by the way, this prescription is has no lifespan :) Happy practicing.

Ydiana said...

Salam Shah

Hello! I'll be lucky if I can pratise for more than an hour straight in a day! Maybe 1/2 hour and stop, then 10 minutes in afternoom etc. Maybe that's why I am not a Professional..hahaha!

Anyway I play because I enjoy it. The minute I say practice, it gets less pleasurable to play. Then I turn to another song. Sigh..I may never be a Pro like this.

Thanx for the info though :)

Anonymous said...

dear ydiana

It is really difficult to figure out why cats love to fight. If cats were like those cats we saw in the Walt Disneys movie Astrocats, the world of cats would have been wonderful. Imagine some tomcats from the neighbourhood play cat soccer match on your Filipina grass. Or even Oreo and Minty invite some of their friends to smell the fresh aroma of herbs from your brand new garden. You can just watch them from afar while sipping a cup of good coffee. Life is Good.

Ydiana said...

Hi Shirzad!

Yes, I woul love to have the scenarios come to life. That would be fun!
But in reality, after that fight, they fought again for 3 more times. So I had to decide to have Oreo back into the cage because 1. he's the one who started all the fight and chase after Minty and 2. his history of being caged all his life. When I got him from previous owner, a breeder, she said Oreo has been a cage cat all his life. A good stud, though. I took him because Candy was on 'heat'. Boy, that's a whole lot of a long story. Maybe I'll write the entire story soon.

So, until I can find another solution, Oreo, sadly, has to stay in there. I just can't look at him in the face right now...

But Minty is happily roaming in and out of the house, and sometimes, even out of the compound.

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Kak,

Haha...The last time I played the piano seriously, must have been, like...5 years ago?

*Cross eye*

I love Haydn's Sonata in C Minor, btw! =)

Ydiana said...

Hi Daphne

Great, so you do play piano too. Honestly I never heard any of Hayden's pieces, so I will look it up to listen to it shortly.

Do you still play now? I hope you do!