Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Feel...

As I was practising my favorite songs this morning, I realised that there is one element that need to be present when playing the piano. This is crucial especially when you play by ear.

The feel of the song. Whenever you play, you must have the song in your mind, feel the music, the rhythm and the melody. And you transfer all that to the keys when you play the song. Sometimes I even sing in my heart when I play. (Can't sing it out loud. It'll distract my own playing..hahaha)

That actually helps me a lot in my rhythm of the song, beacuse I am yet to master the consistent tempo and beat of the songs. It is my weakness in playing piano at the moment. However playing the song in your mind and simultaneously playing the keys keeps my songs in the right tune.

But that doesn't mean I should ignore practising the beat. I must, I must, I must...

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michael said...

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