Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sailing Away

And he sails away......

I knew the day would come
Can feel the wind is coming
I knew that change will take its course

Somehow I won't admit it
So hard I tried to ignore it
Thinking it will just go away

I knew the day would come
The sadness in your eyes
Is telling words you didn't say
Still you were forced to do it
You were the one deciding
I know you wanted to stay

I knew the time is up
Wish it can stay forever
Didnt know it come too soon this way

So here I stand my grounds
Carry on with what I started
My heart will always be around

Whle he sails away......


Dave said...

So you follow my Conversations blog, you might want to try... there the lyrics/prose are posted without comments.


Ydiana said...

Yes lotsa good stuff there. Ok I'll hop over tp the other blog shortly. :)

P.A. said...

I admire your creativity..

The poem is very passionate in its own right..

Keep up the good work!

Ydiana said...