Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Inspirational Search

Ydiana wants to write a song. A new song. Catchy and lively, and not that sad love songs. She composed a few before, but the music is stuck in her old PDA, in a crashed computer hard disc, and in a compact disc somewhere, supposedly to be with a famous singer/songwriter.

Yes, there were some efforts initialized. But alas, it still stuck in the head. Sometimes remembered, at another time, forgotten. Something must be done!

So, while the others opted for a swim, she decided to sit under the shade and get some inspirations going. (And also to avoid getting tanned from the hot afternoon sun..haha!)

Yes, it was nice and breezy. A little too sunny, but at least its not rainy. And she can feel it, she can see it coming. And she reached inside her bag to get a piece of paper. But...instead she found a magzine. Lanscaping. Another point of interest. A mild passion. Oh dear, there goes all the great ideas!

And she saw this frangipani tree. Frangipani? Why is it suddenly always lingering everywhere? In the magazine, in some landscaped garden, in front of her neighbour's house, in Chahya's blog... hehe.., in another lady's blog... Its everywhere!! And now, it's right in front of here eyes...!

Oh well, the inspiration for song writing suddenly turned to landscape planning, which she chucked a few days ago inside the landscape magazine which she found stuck in her bag when she was looking for a piece of paper to write a song. Oh well .... life goes on!

That was yesterday afternoon, on a public holiday. So early this morning she made her way to the nurseries, looking for this Frangipani tree. She has decided where to place the tree. 1, maybe 2 or 3 frangipani trees at different cornes. So far, not too satisfied with the available selection. Need to look more. Wait till the other nurseries open after the season's over.

And the desire to write a song continues... and to be continued!


Dave Zeman said...

And how would you pronounce your name?

Ydiana said...

Hi Dave

My name? Y is pronounced as E. Ediana :)

Wish I could just pluck the words easily for a song, just like you!