Tuesday, August 12, 2008


As I was practising this song, I remembered this stages of learning from a book called NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming by Dr Harry Adler.

uncounscious competence
conscious competence
conscious incompetence
unconscious imcompetence

My goal in piano playing is to reach the level of unconscious competence. Looking at the stages, I am probably in between conscious incompetence towards conscious competence. I dare say, however, my right hand playing is definitely at that top level, eversince I know how. If a song is familiar to me, I can pick up the melody with my right hand anytime, well, most of the song, most of the time.

There are times, when I did reach the first level when I play a very familiar song, provided I have a clear mind and less distractions. But reality is, it seldom happen, at the moment.

So when I played this song, at times, I did play with unconscious competence and you may notice when I became conscious incompetence, and most of the time, you'll find me at conscious competence level.


Here's the Hero, for all my friends.


cakapaje said...

Salam ydiana,

Bravo! Now I'm fully satisfied knowing my ticket's worth is well spent! ;)

Dear, have patience. To reach the state of unconscious competence, takes a very long time. And by the time you get there, you won't even know you are there already! So, keep hitting they keys and keep your ears well tuned too!

ps. Practicing scaling would help you achieve your dreams better. But yes, I know its boring. Still... :)

Ydiana said...

Salam Shah

Phew... lucky me! So you decided not to complain to FOMCA, ya! He he..

Yes, I should go back to practising the scales. Now, where did I 'hid' the books? ;)

Chahya said...

Clap, clap, clap...
Unconscious competence, conscious incompetence...whatever, u r still envied for having such skill.
Speaking of consciousness, perhaps I can assume u have consciously agreed to lend me The Secret (in yr prev. post)..or have I unconsciously misunderstood? hehehe

Ydiana said...

Hi Chahya

Yes, I have consciously agreed to lend to you and you have consciously understood rightly, provided I can remember who borrowed it last. :)

The book is meant to be shared, so more can benefit from the practice. :)

jaflam said...

Bravo, you did it, it was sweet. I was listening with my eyes closed (subconscious mind).

My definition of Professional is being able to do things without thinking about it. Well Diana you are on the way there. Cheers DJ

Ydiana said...


Yes, once you reach the unconscious competence level, that's where you can play without even thinking about it, just like the professionals.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, but if, or rather, when I reach that level, I don't want to be playing like I do now. It has to be more melodious, feelings, and skill. That'll be the ultimate... as for now, dream on.